5 Things I Don’t Like About Louboutin’s Nail Polish

Christian Louboutin has launched a range of nail polishes in ridiculous bottles which are being sold at an extortionate price point. Here are the things I don’t like about this venture.

loathe, nail polish, nail lacquer, overpriced, christian louboutin, luxury beauty

1. The price. The nail polishes are $50 a bottle, which apparently makes them the most expensive luxury nail polish on the market. OPI’s nail polishes are $9, and they have 15% more nail polish in them. And thousands of colours. No contest.

2. The bottle. The bottle features a giant, spike cap and a heavy faceted bottle. I’m sorry, but I believe that practicality is an asset for all types of products, and in the case of nail polish, you need to be able to put them into a cosmetic case or a cabinet. My nail polish shelf in my bathroom is only a few inches high, certainly not high enough to accommodate an arrogant lid that is 8 inches high. And it looks very awkward to hold, which means you are mostly likely going to be smudging your overpriced lacquer all over your cuticles.

loathe, nail polish, nail lacquer, overpriced, christian louboutin, luxury beauty

3. The fact that they describe the polish as “Two coats give the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer, with a brilliant shine.” I call bullsh*t. If there is a polish that really did this, it would not be owned by Christian Louboutin – it would be a mass marketed product that millions of people would buy. Unless we are supposed to understand this literally, in which case the “effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer” would mean a layer of nail polish a quarter of an inch thick that would most likely chip in giant chunks. Not good.

4. That they are describing him as “giving back to beauty what he had taken away from it.” Louboutin’s famous red soles stemmed from an idea he got when he painted the sole of a shoe with red nail polish. Nice story, but unbelievably lame way to describe the purpose of the nail polish collection. Whatever PR came up with the idea of using this as the product’s tagline should be fired.

loathe, nail polish, nail lacquer, overpriced, christian louboutin, luxury beauty

5. Aside from the bottle and the price, there is nothing unique about this nail polish. Do we really need another red nail polish in a fancy, impractical bottle? No. Leave the lacquers to the beauty brands, Louboutin, and just go back to making expensive shoes.

  • http://emiloufur.com/ Emily

    Wouldn’t fit on my bathroom shelf, either. In fact, no matter where I put it, it would probably have to lie down. I don’t understand the ’20 layers of traditional lacquer’ thing – I can honestly say I have never layered up that much nail polish, nor have I ever considered it. I’ve been impressed by immediate coverage exactly once with nail polish, it was Ilamasqua’s Fragile (it makes your nails look like those mini egg sweets with the freckled sugar shells) and it goes on very opaque straight away. I still can’t get my head around ’20 layers’!

  • miss agnes

    The only thing I can think of is how dangerous that bottle could be. Imagine you falling over your bottle of nail polish and loosing an eye in the process. Ouch! On the plus side, if you have this in your handbag, it becomes a potential weapon in case you’re attacked.
    And imagine the headlines: “stabbed with nail polish”.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I guess the weapon aspect could be useful when you put it that way, but good luck getting onto a plane with that in your carry on! It won’t even fit into that little ziploc bag they give you.

  • http://www.imtheitgirl.com/ anya

    I want to try it. Just once (for free).