Loathe: Adidas’ Muddy Shoes

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I hoped that this was a joke when I saw it on my Facebook feed, but alas, no, this is really an item for sale: running shoes with fake mud splatter on the bottom. Here is the description from the website:

“These sneakers re-imagine the iconic ZX 750 running shoe in a snow-white leather upper with a clever mud-splatter effect.”

I can think of a few words I’d use in lieu of “clever.” Perhaps idiotic? Ridiculous? Stupid? Laughable? Farcical? Imbecilic? Pointless? You get my point…

  • http://emiloufur.com/ Emily

    No. Just. No. This is why I don’t buy ordinary white trainers. Because I don’t want to look like THIS after I’ve walked the dog in the woods. Why would anyone want to buy this look?!

  • Lanvy Nguyen

    I LOVE THIS!! It brilliantly makes fun of the men who obsess over keeping their white sneakers clean. Very tongue and cheek, it’s about time this industry earns some stripes for wit.