Spring 2015 Coming Soon…

New York Fashion Week has begun and I’m tired at the thought of trawling through hundreds of catwalk photos day after day for the next month. So I’ve decided not to. My long time readers will know that I usually do upwards of one hundred catwalk reviews during the main fashion weeks, but this year it is not possible.

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I loathe… Coach Spring 2015. Since when does this brand cater to Sesame Street loving LA skater girls? This is ridiculous.

My business, The Sleep Shirt, is keeping me very busy and I’ve got three trips planned in the next four weeks so it’s impossible for me to do my usual coverage whilst on business trips and get enough sleep (and other people’s fashion shows are not worth losing sleep over, are they?)

So this season I’ll be doing things a bit differently. I’ll do a few posts a week (maybe two, maybe three…) with some random loves and loathes from the past few days. This way I can keep up with my business, my sleep, my personal life, and I can still tell you guys how crappy I think Saint Laurent’s show is. (Because it will probably be pretty crappy, won’t it?)

catwalk, runway shows, fashion, runway report, fashion critic, spring 2015

I love… Creatures of the Wind. They make really nice clothing that I would want to wear. Very commendable.

See you in October when we resume normal blog content!

Images from Vogue.com.