5 Things That Depressed Me from the Spring 2015 Catwalks

This was the most unexciting fashion week in a while, and my new coverage (which amalgamated several shows into one blog post) meant I looked at more shows than I usually do. But I still felt depressed. Here’s why.

Hermes, Paris, fashion week, spring 2015

Whiel Christophe Lemaire’s final collection for Hermes could hardly be considered exciting, it was a very beautiful, simple, and luxurious show.

1. Nothing got me excited. There were some good shows, of course (Hermes springs to mind) but no one wowed me. Am I jaded? Am I getting bored of catwalk shows? Or do you agree that it was kind of lame…

fashion week, spring 2015, cara delevingne, tattoos

Hard hitting news: Cara got a tattoo of the word bacon. #pathetic

2. There is more and more coverage, and less and less content. Some of the headlines I read where so uninteresting and useless. Just because it is fashion week doesn’t mean we have to read one hundred articles a day. Remember the old saying: quality, not quantity? The online publications inundate us with ongoing pointless fashion week coverage (street style, catwalk, front row, beauty, catwalk shoes, parties, fashion week routines, etc…) How about some interesting, insightful, fashion week commentary? Nope, we get ridiculous headlines like “Cara Delevingne Is in a Stable Relationship With Bacon” or “Anna Wintour Attended Giorgio Armani” – WHO CARES!

3. The show schedule shows no signs of abating. How long can this go on for? The show season is so ridiculously packed and busy – to the extent that editors are leaving Milan to get to Paris and missing main shows. There’s been talk for ages about how the schedule is too busy and that designers need to seek out new ways to show. I’m not seeing any reduction in the show schedule, and while some designers may be finding new ways to present their collections, the main online publications for catwalk images (Style.com, Vogue.com) are not doing a very good job of giving these presentations much exposure. This has to change.

fashion week, spring 2015, instagram, blurry photos, bullshit

These photos are incredibly unnecessary.

4. My Instagram feed was clogged with blurry runway photos. I love Instagram, and I think it is great for fashion. But I don’t want to see a blurry photo you took from your third row seat of a model walking really fast. Thanks.

fashion week, spring 2015, nipples, sheer

Put a top on!

5. Nipples are back in fashion. Every city had a plethora of designers showing off nipples. For the record, 99.99999% of women do not walk around showing their nipples. And I’m willing to guess that 99.9999999999% of the women who can afford luxury clothing won’t do it. So why all the nipples? It is easy to show off a model’s body and maybe get a few extra photos from the tits on show. You know what is difficult? Lining sheer fabrics in a way that keeps the element of sheer without showing off nipples. I guess that’s why designers don’t line their clothing, it’s easier to just flaunt the model’s boobs.

Instagram images from here.

  • Rust

    Skeletons with breasts. The really sad part is that this is considered *haute*.

    /and then there’s real life …