5 Reasons why Rihanna Shouldn’t Be Creative Director at Puma

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This is the new creative director at Puma. WTF are you doing Puma?

You may have heard that Rihanna has been named creative director at Puma. You might be confused, I know I am. Apparently “Rihanna ‘will work with Puma to design and customise classic Puma styles as well as create new styles to add to the Puma product portfolio,’ Puma said in a statement today.” (Vogue) Wow, I didn’t know that Rihanna knew how to design…wait…she doesn’t. Here are 5 reasons why Rihanna shouldn’t be creative director at Puma.

1. She is not a fashion designer.
2. She has no formal fashion training.
3. She has no training in any sort of design field.
4. She has no real link to the world of sports or exercise.
5. Did I mention she is not a fashion designer?


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