Slimane, Vaccarello and other Fashion Stuff

So much movement going on in the fashion industry right now…

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Anthony Vaccarello with a model.

Hedi Slimane has left Yves Saint Laurent. Hurray!!!! Of course I am thrilled to hear that we will no longer have to suffer his Topshop collections for this sacred brand, but I shudder at the thought of where he might be going next. Rumour has it he might be going to Dior… A terrifying prospect, to say the least.

Anthony Vaccarello has taken Slimane’s spot as Creative Director at Yves Saint Laurent, a decent replacement in my opinion. Let’s hope he can combine his young, sexy handwriting with some of the brand’s traditional look. This could be good. Fingers crossed! (And notice how the media has gone back to calling it Yves Saint Laurent? That makes me happy.)

Armani has gone fur-free. Cue massive sad face here. He has caved to the animal rights activists, and I think it is incredibly lame. Armani says “Technological progress made over the years allows us to have valid alternatives at our disposition that render the use of cruel practices unnecessary as regards animals,” yet he continues to sell leather, suede, shearling, and silk (which is silk worms boiled alive, by the way.) I guess some dead animals are ok, other’s aren’t.

Things not to look forward to: Beyonce is making active wear and some ex-Vogue staffers have launched a collection after they “raised $2 million in a friends-and-family funding round.” Note to self: don’t start a fashion collection unless you are rich, famous, or super heavily connected with fashion insiders.

Stuff worth checking out: Shopbop & Eastdane has 25% off everything (sale and full price) until Thursday, use the code INTOTHEFAM at checkout. I am think I am going to be buying another Vitra clock.

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  • Chiara Guizzetti

    He’ s not going to Dior ‘cos they already have appointed Jonathan Saunders…you can’t have missed that …

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    That was definitely not confirmed! And I am denial about the whole idea because I do not think it is a good one.

  • Chiara Guizzetti

    thank God! what a relief! I really wondered what the hell was going on…..


    I was just noodling around looking for inspiration and came across Heidi Slimane’s 2016 show for “St. Laurent”… I finally understand what you’re always going on about!