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Searching for Style started off as a blog about fashion and opinion. The invasion of bad celebrity fashion designers and the appearance of hideous clothing items such as Ugg boots, velour jogging suits, and leggings worn as pants inspired Alexandra to write about the parts of the fashion world that she loved, and loathed. Usually there was more to loathe than to love.

But times change, and so do blogs. While Alexandra still feels passionately about the original topics featured here, the blog has changed direction. You’ll still find honest reviews and critics of catwalk shows, fashion collections, and industry news in the archives, but the focus of the blog today is offering advice and tips on how to penetrate the fashion industry, whether it be as a student, a professional, or starting a business, Searching for Style boasts a growing selection of articles aimed at helping you make your way into fashion. But don’t expect the sugar coated version, Searching for Style is honest, straight forward, and not afraid to talk about the bad sides of fashion.

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Alexandra Suhner Isenberg

Photo by Nicole Gurney.

Alexandra Suhner Isenberg

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Alexandra made her escape to Europe at the age of 19 in order to pursue a career in fashion. She spent the next twelve and a half years doing just so.

She started as a student in Paris, and then worked at Sonia Rykiel as a designer. After two years, she was bored of Paris and decided to move to London to do her MA at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, under the tutelage of Louise Wilson. This led her to great things, including a stint designing at Burberry, running her own luxury lingerie company, lecturing at Central St Martins, and working for some of the best trend forecasting agencies in the world.

But things turned sour in Europe, thanks to a very bad recession and a lack of interesting jobs. In September 2009 Alexandra packed up her shoes and decided to move back to her hometown of Vancouver, and started this blog. Her time there was more brief than expected, she stayed for four years, long enough to work with some great companies (some crappy ones) and start her nightwear company, The Sleep Shirt.

In February 2014 Alexandra moved her husband, kids, and dog (Wanda) to Sweden. Now she mostly focuses her time on her nightwear company, but occasionally pops back here to answer advice letters from readers and post helpful information about making it in this exciting but challenging industry we call fashion.

Hire Alexandra

If you are interested in hiring Alexandra as a consultant, then contact her on searching4style@gmail.com. She is trained as a fashion designer and has a lot of experience in marketing strategy, brand development, and blogging/social media (obviously.)

Oh yes, and she DJs too. For real, with records, not a laptop.

  • la kiti

    I love your story! You are very valiente! kisses

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Google-Gothic/Google-Gothic/307180726780 Blaine Gonseth

    Ok, i think i will save this for thenext time I’ll have to argue with Frank (friend of mine) about it! I wasn’t wrong 😀

  • Carolina Faria

    Hi Alexandra,

    I’m not a blog reader at all because usually I find them very unreliable and lacking in content and true knowledge over its subjects. To me blogs are like wikipedia, something you can never quote, therefore I’ve always thought they were a waist of time.
    However I have to say I really really like yours. It’s very refreshing to read a blog written by someone that actually knows their business, specially for it being a fashion blog, usually written by people that looooove shopping and know next to nothing about the history, the business and the creative process. I have subscribed and I’ll enjoy every post I read because you do have something between your ears.

    Absolutely delighted with the “F word” post. I had a tutor just like Louise at Cordwainers called Jane Francis and I always heard what you heard and also had a bitter-sweet relationship with her. In the end I also think she had a lot to do with the designer I became. Your post was hillarious and really hit home. Please continue to write!!!

    Best wishes,

    Carolina Faria.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Carolina,
    I know Jane Francis, and I had no idea what kind of teacher she was! That is
    funny. She reads this blog, by the way :-) Anyway, thank you for your kind
    words. And yes, I agree that there are too many blogs about people who love
    shopping and don’t know a single thing about the industry. If you are
    looking for some other good reads, I’d like to direct you to Business of
    Fashion , On the
    and Material World . All written by
    industry insiders who know what they are talking about, and aren’t afraid to
    sahre their opnions.
    Thanks for the support!

  • Jessica Browne

    this is one of the best blogs i have come across! and i have read many haha! good stuff keep it up! also how is the fashion in Aussie? x

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know…you tell me! I’ve never been to Australia, and I haven’t
    covered much of their fashion (aside from Uggs, but I am giving them the
    benefit of the doubt and assuming that that DOES not represent Australian
    fashion as a whole.)

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  • Camenae Italia

    Thank you for making our Friday morning – what an intelligent and refreshing perspective. Did we say ‘thank you’??? Love, your latest greatest fans

  • Aborosic

    I really like this site http://www.fashionising.com

  • Patrick Baud1

    your work is very beautiful, very good!!

  • Leesa

    Hi Alexandra, i’ll be in Vancouver in late June, and would love to meet a fellow stylista for a coffee or something! DM me @theFlist:disqus.  Cheers, Leesa

  • Mugenyiczar

    so lucky to be admired for wat u do need some tips to be successful like u xoxo cza

  • Rom Com


  • dominique ex rykiel

    ooohhhh my god ,,,,,,,,you look fucking fab ,,,lots of big fat over 65 kilos love,,, love your sexy voice,,, big bad dom in treguier france ,,,peace love and knitwear ooh no pizza;;; great to hear you:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps i so do not do internet

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  • http://moiminnie.blogspot.com/ moiminnie

    The best ‘about me’ I’ve ever read.

  • http://www.harleth.com/ The Harleth Journal

    I second that: this is one of the most interesting and honest “about me” sections on the Internet. And, your fashion blog has the smartest fashion writing and most useful insight into the industry that I have come across so far. Props to you, Alexandra!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Thanks! Such kind words. I appreciate it.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Dominique you are hilarious, I miss you :-)