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Ask Alexandra is my advice column, open to all readers. Feel free to send over any questions about the fashion industry, fashion schools, and careers in the fashion world, by filling out the form below. I try to respond to everyone but I apologize in advance if your question gets overlooked. The responses will be published on Searching for Style, under the category Ask Alexandra. Keep in mind that the questions that get published should be general enough to be relevant to a large number of readers. Questions like "I want to be a stylist, how do I get started?" is great, but questions like "Where can I buy wholesale fabrics in Pittsburg" are too specific. I won't let you know if I publish your question, so you will have to check back with me.

If you want to ask me something very specific, or need my advice on a matter urgently, then feel free to contact me on There will be a small fee for this service, but don't worry, it will be reasonable!

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  • Cheryl W.

    Alexandra, I’m wondering why your captcha does function on my ipad or my macbook. I can’t ask you questions! :(

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Am trying to sort this out!

  • Cheryl W.

    It works now! :)