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2014 September Issue Covers Part 1

For many magazines this year, a celebrity or top model was not good enough for their September issue cover. It was all about quantity, not quality (or in some rare cases, both.) There were a lot of multiple covers, where … Continue reading

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Ask Alexandra: Last Month’s Mailbag

Ask Alexandra is my advice column. Have a question you want to ask me? Fill out the form here. Below are a few letters I’ve received recently that I thought I should answer… Dear Alexandra, I’m looking to start a t-shirt … Continue reading

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10 Things You Need to Start a Fashion Brand

I frequently get letters from people asking for advice on how to start their own fashion brand, and I’m often surprised at how few skills or experience they have going into it. Starting a fashion business is not just a … Continue reading

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Loathe: American Fashion Cookbook

Here’s a little gem I found online that was published in 2009: American Fashion Cookbook, a book of recipes and illustrations from American fashion designers. It’s ironic that I’m always complaining about how annoying it is that everyone “says” they … Continue reading

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6 of the Worst Slogan Tees on Sale Now

Summer and working from home all the time has made me appreciate the benefits of a good t-shirt. While I was snooping around some of the online stores for some new tops, I kept coming across these incredibly tacky slogan … Continue reading

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