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  • Wen-chee

    Hi Alex,

    I’ve heard so many things about you from Jason. Your blog is hilarious and very insightful. Hope to have the pleasure of meeting you soon. Cheers!


  • bernice cheevers

    good luck Alex,
    Bernice Cheevers

  • Åsa Elmgren

    I didn’t know you started a blog! Excellent! I will check in every week!

  • Pat McLean

    Hi Alex – Emily’s Mom ….. love the blog, loved Monny’s shop so much, I had to buy three pairs of glasses! Keep up the great work sharing your vision …Pat

  • alexandrasuhner

    Great! I couldn’t believe when Emily told me you were buying all your glasses in Europe. This guy is better than most shops in Europe, and way cheaper. But it is a bit scary going in there…as you can’t leave empty handed.

  • camille

    As your future mortgage adviser I can’t believe I’m suggesting this…but….do it! Buy the shoe. Do for me, if only because I’ve had a magnet that depicts the ‘over the rainbow’ platform on my refrigerator FOR (my god) 15 YEARS.
    I’m sorry Daniel. I know I am a bad friend for giving this advice.
    ps. I have know idea if Ferragamo’s shoe for Ms. Garland is actually called ‘over the rainbow’. Do it.

  • ReMortgage marko

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.



  • Areka

    I just wanna say
    you're such an inspiration!
    love your blog!!!
    so full of humor and straight to the point!
    I m so fed up of “fashion” people
    who take themselves
    so seriously…..honestly
    you make a difference!
    keep it up
    kisses from Greece

  • Nancy

    Hi Alexandra, I recently found your blog and immediately subscribed.
    Thank you for your work, I truly appreciate it!

  • Blake Mcgrath

    i am after some Versace Spring/Summer 2010 shoes..
    i from australia and would like to know where i can get a large range from..

    thank you


  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Hi Blake, I doubt these shoes are available anymore…all the Fall Winter stock is now in store. :-(

  • Blake Mcgrath

    even though is only comming into summer in Australia..?

  • Sberlovitz

    Fun to read your story about Haute Couture and La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne where I too was a student once (1984-85). And I agree with you about the Dior Spring Summer 2007 collection. Wow.
    Sonya Berlovitz

  • Rajan Sami

    Loving your independent take on fashion, something that is sorely missing from most fashion media today.

  • Jenn2118

    Your blog is refreshing! Well written, funny and straight up!

    Keep it coming :)

  • Guest

    Ugh, I have to say that I really didn't like reading your blog. I skimmed through some random entries and found them to be really small minded, contradictory and judgmental. Your criticisms of the hipsters of East London and Main Street are just so bitchy and off putting. You 'love' the Paul Smith collection, but if you saw some hipsters wearing the clothes you'd put them down. I don't find your blog refreshing at all. Just another vapid fashionista with painfully low self esteem and skewed values. Who cares if someone wants to express their style with weird clothes and two toned hair… THEY obviously like it. What's your problem?

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Have you been to London? I witnessed how the East turned from a working class neighbourhood into an area gentrified by trendies. It was frightening. My commentary has nothing to with low self esteem (which I can assure you is not the case, if anything, I am the opposite to that), it has to do with the fact that I started in an industry that had values and now the fashion industry has descended into a free for all where anything goes. I don't care if the East Londoners “like” having their two-toned haircuts or Victoria Beckham “likes” being a fashion designer, or Kim Kardashian “likes” being naked on the cover of a once-respectable magazine, I am still going to critique it because I think it is bull***t.

  • Katie O

    I've found your blog by way of Vancouver Is Awesome today and thrilled that you're doing this. I too returned to Vancouver in 2009 after 9 years in London and I'm still in a bit of shock with the general dress-sense (I love everything else about this town). I desperately need your advice on the best place to go to get fresh clothes for non-yoga/hiking types. Oh and please let us know if you hear if say Uniqlo or Cos make it to our part of the world – I miss them so!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    You'll see on my blog that I've practically made it a lifelong campaign of mine to try and convince Uniqlo and COS to sell online to Canada, they are the best accessible fashion brands in the world. Uniqlo sells online to the UK, so if you still have friends there then get them to post it to Canada for you.
    My favourite stores are the ones I mentioned in the article, but mostly I do my shopping when I travel abroad!

  • Guest

    Your Blog is quite simply inspiring in many ways! It is nice to see that there are always a variety of visuals to see from clothes to accessories and a few unusual gems along the way!
    I teach Art and Design (with a Fashion Pathway link) and have recommended your blog amongst a few others that my students can look at for up to date information and have had much positive feedback! Many of my students go on to respectable Universities in the UK of which St Martins is one. It is great to use Blogs such as yours for concise information. Keep up the good work!!!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Thank you!

  • Ana

    Just from reading your blog I'm learning so much about the fashion industry, it is like having an Online Mentor, thanks so much for choosing this city to live and to share you experiences with all of us the Fashion Lovers !!

  • Amanda

    Just wanted to say hi! I stumbled over your blog last week following a trail from Hint Mag’s blog and voraciously consumed your entire archive. (Desk job is boring, you know?) I moved from London home to Seattle a couple of years ago and I can really identify with feeling adrift in a sea of crappy clothes and fearful, close-minded attitudes about fashion. That’s slooooooowlllly starting to change down here. Your perspective on Vancouver is interesting since I’ve always found stylish pieces more accessible in Canada, at least in terms of fast fashion (no Zara for us yet!). On a recent trip to Toronto, a friend brought up the interesting point that while there were many appealing pieces on the shelves, for the most part no one seemed to be wearing them – the streetwear was either blatantly unfashionable or simply unconcerned. Anyway, I think you have a great blog here and a really unique voice. Don’t winnow down your runway coverage too much; your reviews are refreshing! Plus, it’s nice to hear a balanced, informed opinon on the bloggers vs. editors debate.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! One thing to point out about shopping in Canada vs the US, you have
    a lot more choice online, whereas we have have few websites that ship to
    Canada and take care of customs and duty. And I don’t like having customs
    and duty surprises when the package arrives! Plus the departments stores are
    better in the US. So don’t despair!

  • mona

    Where/when can I find Pucci’s strappy sandals from the spring/summer 2011 runway?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, no idea, call Pucci!

  • guest

    hey I just wondered what you used to set up your site, i want to create a film site/blog and love your layout etc.

    thanks x

  • Anonymous

    Its on WordPress and the rest was designed for me.

  • Khushbu

    One word- classy!

  • Flamingangelsboutique

    Heard about your blog from Katie and Maria. Great work, I’m really enjoy it! ~ Miriam

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Miriam!

  • Guest

    I love your blog, I just wanted to say that your link to GoFugYourself is wrong, it doesn’t go to the correct website, but other than that, I love all the links on the site, theres so many places to go!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Will look into that now.

  • gabrielle

    I wanted to know what your opinion on Canada Goose parkas since you live in Canada and are aware of the weather . Since everybody loves them , do you follow or loathe ?
    thanks :)

  • Name123

    Holy hell

    We understand you’re pregnant, and yes- we acknowledge that even before the fact, you complained about your “sudden” weight gain. But all the posts relating to weight is getting out of hand. Get the fuck over it. You’ll never look like that, its okay. You’re still fabulous. Stop masking your insecurities with these projected bitchy thoughts and opinions about anyone who weighs less than you.

  • stephanie

    I just found your blog by looking for Calzedonia swimwear. I bought my favorite swimsuit on my 2009 vacation to Italy and it broke. (It was held together by beads and cant be fixed.) I love how you said on your blog titled 5 things you dont buy cheap….swimwear! I cant agree with you more, which brings me to my question. I have been trying for a while to buy their swimwear online and cant seem to find it. Their own website is confusing to me. Have you had any luck and if so will you please share the website/store with me? Thank you so much!

  • Anonymous

    They have a store in London… and of course in several other Mediterranean
    countries…but other than that I am afraid I can’t help you!

  • Chloe Shin

    I am looking for a blog which is written by a professor of one of the many fashion schools in the US.
    I thought it was this blog but then I can’t seem to find the posts I am looking for. (I read them a year ago…which might be the reason why I can’t find it)

    Do you know any blogs that give advice to students who are trying to enter into the fashion industry?
    I love your blog and I have been reading and reading for the last 2 hours :)
    Thank you for all the kind posts!

    P.S. I make a lot of grammatical mistakes because I’m not a native speaker. Working on it ^_^

  • Anonymous

    I think this is the post you may have been referring to:

    I used to teach at St Martins in London.

    I’ll be starting an advice column soon, so watch this space. I am also
    working on a book about how to make it in the fashion industry, so if you’d
    like to be kept up to date on its progress, then please send an email to and you’ll get an update as soon as the book is

  • renkeidv

    New to your blog! Today’s Alexander McQueens.
    Absolutely loved (and agree) to your comments — right on!
    So much more entertaining than viewing pix of the AMQ dresses themselves — which were hard to see b/c many of them and photography too dark.

  • Bauneh

    Hi Alex,

    What do you think of Adrej  Pejic??

  • Anonymous

    Good question, I will write something up on him in the next week or two.

  • Bauneh

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  • NN

    dear Alexandra, since I know how much you adore when celebrities in fashion business I wanted to share with you something totally ridiculous that i found today!!!!! check this out

    hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
    p.s not to mention how much bottle looks like “Lola” by Marc Jacobs

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! The perfume is on my list of things to write about… but I hadn’t seen the video yet!

  • Magnetic Beads

    I’m so love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.

  • Raecene

    Your blog has become my obsession, I read it everyday twice a day its a bit scary…what I love about your blog is that there is substance behind it. Its just not you talking about how cool you are or random pics of yourself in your bathroom mirror.(i never understood why people do that)being a fashion business student I appreciate what you have to say and admire that you know what your talking about. Keep it up!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! And yes, I agree style diary bloggers get a bit boring… There are a few good ones but I am definitley more into content, opinions, and substance (or REALLY amazing photos), which is why I struggle to find a lot of blogs I love.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! And yes, I agree style diary bloggers get a bit boring… There are a few good ones but I am definitley more into content, opinions, and substance (or REALLY amazing photos), which is why I struggle to find a lot of blogs I love.

  • Gustavmr

    Hey, I’ve started reading some of your posts… and they are great! I specially love your “why luxury is expensive section”. Do you know where I can get more of this type of insight? I have been looking for a while now for info on what does quality mean in clothing/shoes/bags, etc.. I reaally want to get to the core of luxury, I’ve done my homework about the psychological part (or non-physical, ie. history, dream factor, etc.) but I’ve found it harder to understand what luxury means physically, (type of fabric/leather quality, hand made, durability, seams ,techniques, layers, etc) can you recommend a book or website where I can learn more about this? I’m a guy by the way.. so I’m specially interested in suits, dress shirts, belts, scarfs, shoes and well.. you get it…

  • Anonymous

    Aside from the major luxury insight reports, which are pretty different to
    what I do, I can’t think of anywhere else to get this type of info. And
    that’s a good question about the techniques, I am sure there are some books
    that cover it to some extent (ex. there must be some tailoring books that go
    into depth about proper luxury tailoring techniques) but I can’t think of
    any… Wow, I am not of much help, am I? I’d look up books about Saville Row
    techniques, and maybe some individual designer books cover their techniques
    (ex. a Louis Vuitton book, there are a few, might have info on how they
    construct their bags and trunks.)

  • Anonymous

    Yep, hit your library.  Books on designers, vintage fashion and haute couture often have details of fabric and blends, techniques, etc.

    I used to represent high-end furniture brands (Fritz Hansen, Knoll, etc), and was pretty obsessed with what made their product unique. I think I learned more about make and technique from reading two books in my local library than I learned in four years on the job, studying the product, reading every part of the catalogues, talking to the reps, etc.  The people who write those specialist books are often unusually attentive and dedicated.

  • Gabrielle

    Hi ! Just wanted to know what you thought of the Kardashians new clothing line Kardashian Kollection . I know you hate celebreties meddling into fashion but this collection is getting a lot of hype! Personally I think it’s tacky but what do you think ? 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even have the stomach to look at it. That’s what I think :-)

  • Carla Montecarlo Davis

    how can i be a model if im a transgender?

  • jessica osunde

    hi alex, please where can i get the short green and black artelier versace dress to buy? I am really really interested

  • Jasonburton80

    Can you do something on the history of the high heel please. I haven’t got a clue about when the came about…. I imagine 19th century, but I’m just guessing!

  • Anonymous

    Think it is older than that. I’ll see if I can get an interesting research on the topic!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    For some luxury brands, yes.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I will gladly reply to this but please repost this on the original blog post and then I will respond, this (my contact page) isn’t the right place to have a fur debate. I’m going to delete this in a few days, but will approve it on the original article!

  • Patricia Fieldwalker

    A very astute take on this blogger…too much self importance and too many
    vague references to who she consults to, what she accomplished in the fashion industry and that she taught at St. Martins???…what years ??? never gives names or details of her professional credentials but fancies herself an expert in fashion…no past history of a successful collection, a failed lingerie collection with a partner she argued with incessantly, etc etc etc. Who cares what this “no name” designer likes or loathes…and a book in the making???? should be called ” Delusions of a Wanna Be Designer”…mean spirited, egotistic and desperate to make a name in the fashion industry. Free advice: don’t quit your day job ! and to those who read her blogs…beware armchair designers with no history of success…especially those who adore “loathing” the work of others while sitting on the sidelines…

  • Nicholas Patrick Sanchez Globa

    Dear Alexandra,

    I am happy to learn about your success in the fashion industry and it would be a pleasure actually, to get introduced to a fashion entrepreneur like you.

    I think I am being obsessed like other fans and followers of a Fashion Icon, such as you, to keep reading your valuable thoughts in here. I learned about you when I came across your nightwear company, The Sleep Shirt. I would like to schedule a TELEMEETING with you to go over an outstanding insight in the Configuration of Apparel Supply Chain, ‘OR’, Supply Chain Flow Diagram of the Luxury Brands, according to the Fashion 101. I can assure you and your followers, how impressed they will be able to feel when that flow diagram will have a quicker turnaround time and a great cost reduction in each of the brands’ project. It’s gonna be Awesome!


  • Inga

    Hello I want to open my shop and I am looking for factories to make designs, if any body knows good suppliers factory’s pls just send me an email paskeviciute.inga1988@gmail

  • Elena Arkhipova

    I stumbled upon this site and I’m loving it. I’m kinda upset it doesn’t update anymore.