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  • Gustavmr

    Hey, I’ve started reading some of your posts… and they are great! I specially love your “why luxury is expensive section”. Do you know where I can get more of this type of insight? I have been looking for a while now for info on what does quality mean in clothing/shoes/bags, etc.. I reaally want to get to the core of luxury, I’ve done my homework about the psychological part (or non-physical, ie. history, dream factor, etc.) but I’ve found it harder to understand what luxury means physically, (type of fabric/leather quality, hand made, durability, seams ,techniques, layers, etc) can you recommend a book or website where I can learn more about this? I’m a guy by the way.. so I’m specially interested in suits, dress shirts, belts, scarfs, shoes and well.. you get it…

  • Anonymous

    Aside from the major luxury insight reports, which are pretty different to
    what I do, I can’t think of anywhere else to get this type of info. And
    that’s a good question about the techniques, I am sure there are some books
    that cover it to some extent (ex. there must be some tailoring books that go
    into depth about proper luxury tailoring techniques) but I can’t think of
    any… Wow, I am not of much help, am I? I’d look up books about Saville Row
    techniques, and maybe some individual designer books cover their techniques
    (ex. a Louis Vuitton book, there are a few, might have info on how they
    construct their bags and trunks.)

  • Anonymous

    Yep, hit your library.  Books on designers, vintage fashion and haute couture often have details of fabric and blends, techniques, etc.

    I used to represent high-end furniture brands (Fritz Hansen, Knoll, etc), and was pretty obsessed with what made their product unique. I think I learned more about make and technique from reading two books in my local library than I learned in four years on the job, studying the product, reading every part of the catalogues, talking to the reps, etc.  The people who write those specialist books are often unusually attentive and dedicated.

  • Gabrielle

    Hi ! Just wanted to know what you thought of the Kardashians new clothing line Kardashian Kollection . I know you hate celebreties meddling into fashion but this collection is getting a lot of hype! Personally I think it’s tacky but what do you think ? 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even have the stomach to look at it. That’s what I think :-)

  • Carla Montecarlo Davis

    how can i be a model if im a transgender?

  • jessica osunde

    hi alex, please where can i get the short green and black artelier versace dress to buy? I am really really interested

  • Jasonburton80

    Can you do something on the history of the high heel please. I haven’t got a clue about when the came about…. I imagine 19th century, but I’m just guessing!

  • Anonymous

    Think it is older than that. I’ll see if I can get an interesting research on the topic!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    For some luxury brands, yes.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I will gladly reply to this but please repost this on the original blog post and then I will respond, this (my contact page) isn’t the right place to have a fur debate. I’m going to delete this in a few days, but will approve it on the original article!

  • Patricia Fieldwalker

    A very astute take on this blogger…too much self importance and too many
    vague references to who she consults to, what she accomplished in the fashion industry and that she taught at St. Martins???…what years ??? never gives names or details of her professional credentials but fancies herself an expert in fashion…no past history of a successful collection, a failed lingerie collection with a partner she argued with incessantly, etc etc etc. Who cares what this “no name” designer likes or loathes…and a book in the making???? should be called ” Delusions of a Wanna Be Designer”…mean spirited, egotistic and desperate to make a name in the fashion industry. Free advice: don’t quit your day job ! and to those who read her blogs…beware armchair designers with no history of success…especially those who adore “loathing” the work of others while sitting on the sidelines…

  • Nicholas Patrick Sanchez Globa

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