Fall 2015 Campaigns Part 2

More fashion advertising. Some cool, some not. Read part 1.

I love…

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Giorgio Armani featuring Vittoria Caretti shot by Solve Sundsbo. This is magical, eye catching, and not typical Armani (which is usually a good thing.)


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Fall 2015 Campaigns Part 1

Browsing through these shoots made me realize that there were not many brands doing anything of interest. There were quite a lot of good looking campaigns, but conceptually they were not new or interesting. Only a handful got me excited. Here is part 1 my loves and loathes from the Fall 2015 advertising campaigns. Read part 2.

I love…

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Burberry featuring rising stars shot by Mario Testino. Burberry have a habit of repeating the same campaign over and over again (first it was the black and white shots in the countryside, then it was the “parties” of models.) This is new, a bit rougher, and more interesting than trench coats in a field.


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Beauty Brief: Susanne Kaufmann Body Butter

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about beauty. I’m usually faithful to certain brands and products, so it’s not frequent that I have anything new to write about. But there have been a few creams I’ve tried recently so I’ve put together a few blog posts that I’ll be running over the next few weeks. Let’s start with the expensive one!

I’ve searched high and low for an organic body butter that was effective, not too greasy, and packaged in a jar and not a tube or bottle. When I lived in Vancouver I was sent truckloads of beauty products to try, including many wonderful organic brands (many of which were very good and got mentions here) but I think I may have finally found the perfect body butter, perfect in all ways except the price tag (that’s always the way, isn’t it?) Susanne Kaufmann’s Body Butter smells divine, moisturizes really effectively, is not greasy, absorbs quickly (you can put it on before bed without fear of greasy sheets) and is packaged in glass jars. This is an amzing brand – Austrian, all holistic and organic – exactly what a luxury beauty brand should be. I know the price is a bit scary (49 euros) but I’ve got a suggestion for a cheap body butter you can alternate with this. Check back next week for my DYI whipped body butter. Meanwhile, if you want to indulge, I strongly recommend this amazing cream.

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Loathe: Rihanna x Stance

rihanna, socks, stance, celebrity fashion, celebrity designerI’m used to reading about stupid fashion brand working with a celebrity on a “design” collaboration but it always hurts when it is a brand you actually like. Stance is a sock company that makes cool socks. I wouldn’t exactly put them on my list of best brands ever, but I’ve bought their products and they are interesting, the quality is better than Happy Socks (my husband goes through a pair in a few weeks) and they seem like a generally cool company, until now.

This is a company that has done collaborations with brands like Minimale Animale (most sexy swimsuit company ever), Harley Davidson, and Laura Enever (Australian surfer.)

It’s one thing to do a one off Rihanna sock, but Stance have gone further to name her Contributing Creative Director and Punk & Poet ambassador. First of all, what the f**k is a Punk & Poet ambassador? Why does a sock company need one?


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Buy More to Buy Less?

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I have been known to bulk buy oversized tops from COS.

It might seem absurd to suggest that buying more may lead to buying less, but I’ve been testing this theory for a few years now, so hear me out. Most people I know, myself included, spend most of our time wearing our wardrobe staples; the jeans, sweater, or shoes that made up our every day clothes. These have ended up being the pieces that I am most careful about with regards to fit, fabric, and quality. If it is the sweater you are going to wear all winter, or the shoes you’ll walk the dog in six months a year, they need to look good, last long, and feel good.


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