Fall 2014 Campaigns Part 2

More of my critiques of the Fall 2014 advertising campaigns. Read part one and part three.

I love…

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Fendi featuring Nadja Bender shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Beautiful fur coat and big blue sky. Looks perfect.


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Fall 2014 Campaigns Part 1

I think this might be the first season ever that I love more campaigns than I loathe. Read part two and part three.

I love…

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3.1 Phillip Lim featuring Tilda Lindstam shot by Vincent Van de Wijngaard. A great photo and a great coat.


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5 Things I Don’t Like About Louboutin’s Nail Polish

Christian Louboutin has launched a range of nail polishes in ridiculous bottles which are being sold at an extortionate price point. Here are the things I don’t like about this venture.

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1. The price. The nail polishes are $50 a bottle, which apparently makes them the most expensive luxury nail polish on the market. OPI’s nail polishes are $9, and they have 15% more nail polish in them. And thousands of colours. No contest.

2. The bottle. The bottle features a giant, spike cap and a heavy faceted bottle. I’m sorry, but I believe that practicality is an asset for all types of products, and in the case of nail polish, you need to be able to put them into a cosmetic case or a cabinet. My nail polish shelf in my bathroom is only a few inches high, certainly not high enough to accommodate an arrogant lid that is 8 inches high. And it looks very awkward to hold, which means you are mostly likely going to be smudging your overpriced lacquer all over your cuticles.


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Fashion Quote: Anna Wintour on Resort

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Tomas Maier Resort 2015. I’ll take it all, please.

I loathe when I’m wrong, but I feel that all my whining about Resort and Pre Fall Collections may have been slightly unreasonable. I came to realize this when my company, The Sleep Shirt, started getting our Resort 2015 orders in, and they were looking quite good. I also read this quote from Anna Wintour, and I have to now say that I agree.

“The basic truth of the matter is that 80% of what sells in the stores are the mid-season collections: resort and pre-fall. So when you’re ready, don’t ignore it, because it’s going to be something that will help you pay the bills.” (Anna Wintour, Dazed and Confused.)


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Searching for Style: Summer Reads 2014 Part 2

I’m on holiday this week, so here are a few good things to read. Part 2 of my summer reading list is focusing on more “productive” books – not necessarily what you want to be reading while you are on the beach but certainly worth picking up if you are looking to make some changes in your life. Maybe you want to have a cleaner house? Maybe you want to get rid of stuff? Or maybe you want to slow down your hectic family life. Here are a few great books that will help you do that.

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1. My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag… and Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha by Jolie Kerr. When we moved into our new house in Sweden, I decided I was going to attempt cleaning it myself. I’ve been working at home and not making tons of money (having a start-up actually costs you money…) so I couldn’t justify hiring a cleaner. Problem is, I’ve had one for ten years and had no idea where to start. So I googled “how to clean a house” and came across this book, which has been an amazing guide. First of all, it starts with the absolute basics like how to wash a floor which was necessary since I realized I had never properly cleaned a house, but it also has tons of more unusual tips like cleaning makeup brushes and vomit in your handbag (never had to consult this section, luckily.) Using this book and marthastewart.com, I’ve managed to keep quite a clean house. And the bizarre thing is, I don’t hate cleaning. Terrifying, but true. Canadians can buy it here, Americans can buy it here.


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