Ask Alexandra: Knee Length Prom Dresses

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What not to wear to prom. Actually, what not to wear, ever.

I’m suffering from some sort of fashion month denial as I have hardly looked at any catwalk shows. Last week I was in London and quite busy (ironically, it was fashion week, but I only went to one show) and I haven’t had the time to trawl through the hundreds of images. It feels like a chore this time and I think I need a break. Plus I also skipped my Oscars coverage – I was away and by the time I could review the red carpet, it was too late to post something. That said, I will certainly do some sort of round up on the shows, after Paris. Because I am sure there will be a lot to love and loathe…

Anyway, here’s a blog post on something totally unrelated to fashion week: prom dresses! Ask Alexandra is my advice column. Have a question you want to ask me? Fill out the form here.

Dear Alexandra,

Is it acceptable/normal to wear a knee length dress to senior prom?


prom dresses, prom, evening wear, choosing a prom dress, designer prom dresses

Left, a Monique Lhuillier layered hem dress, and right, my top pick for prom, a fringed Tamara Mellon dress.

Dear Anna,

YES. Why do people think they need to wear puffy or frilly full length ballgowns and look like a fourty year old at prom? It seems like prom fashion ignores trends and fashion, and continues to promote hideous dresses that no one looks good in. I wore a full length dress to prom, it was custom made, didn’t fit properly (seamstress FAIL) and I wore an updo and looked really silly. Thankfully there are hardly any good photos of it.


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5 Things I Loathe About Adidas Originals x Kanye West

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I had big plans to do catwalk coverage this season but it is not going to happen. I am massively busy with Spring 2015 deliveries and Fall 2015 sales of The Sleep Shirt, and I ‘ll be traveling during fashion week which means I don’t have time to post regular coverage. I hope I am not disappointing anyone but my jaded-ness of the catwalk shows has reached epic levels and I think I will just look at everything and think it sucks.

Kind of like this show. I did have to write something here, not only because it was so hiedous, but because of what it represents.

kanye west, adidas originals, twat, celebrity designer, ugly fashion, new york fashion week, catwalk shows, fashion critic

1. The fashion industry turned up. While I truly think that Kanye is a total twat and I wish he would just disappear off the face of the earth, I blame the fashion industry for feeding his ego. By turning up to his shows and (gasp!) complimenting it and actually treat him with even a milligram of respect, we enable him. He is an egotistical idiot with zero fashion talent yet the industry continue to legitimize his work. As long as respected industry figures turn up to his shows, he will keep this up. The only way to stop him is to stop paying attention. Maybe if we’d done that with Victoria Beckham she wouldn’t have been allowed to build an empire based on her fame and a single tight dress design.


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Spring 2015 Haute Couture

It was two days into the couture shows before I even realized they were on – that’s how distracted I am this week. However the collections are looking great, well, most of them (Ahem! Versace!) Here are my loves and loathes.

I love…

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that these days, we can always count on Valentino to impress.


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Loathe: Rick Owen’s Fall 2015 Menswear

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Rick Owens Fall 2015 Menswear.

I’ll be traveling to London in February to attend a memorial service for Louise Wilson, my course director when I attended the MA in fashion at St. Martins. Recently, ex-classmates and I have been reminiscing about our time on the course and I was reminded of one of the most memorable things she said to me: “It’s easier to do freaky-deaky fashion than it is to do real clothes.” I think Rick Owens lacked good ideas for Fall 2015 and decided to do freaky-deaky, and I am pretty sure Louise would have told him that it was a cop out.

The photos I have published here don’t properly show the “concept” in full, but use your imagination. The clothing didn’t cover the models’ groins, they weren’t wearing underwear, and in several instances, their penises were hanging out.

Rick owens, catwalk, menswear, runway fashion

Rick Owens Fall 2015 Menswear.

The only reason why I can think Rick Owens decided to do this was for the attention – and of course – he got it. But it is a joke and it is pathetic. If you don’t have a good idea for a collection, please don’t fill the void by shocking. I feel like designers sometimes forget the main purpose of the fashion industry – to clothe people. While some people may label it as frivolous and unnecessary, the fact is, everyone needs to wear clothes. (Well – there are some countries where it might be hot enough not to, but you usually need protection of some sort, regardless of the temperature.) I try and argue that although it can be silly at times – fashion and apparel is a very big business, it provides essential products, and it is important for the economy. But when we get designers like Rick Owens showing asymmetrical togas exposing genitals, our industry as a whole takes a hit. It makes us (and of course, the poor models) look very stupid.

Images from WWD.

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2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet

While this was a boring red carpet, it was also a good one. Very few distressing outfits here, most people looked pretty decent, which is a good thing since it takes them months to prepare for this. And in case you are wondering, Versace won.

I love…

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Kate Hudson in Versace. If anyone can get away with a slutty dress like this, its her.


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