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86th Academy Awards Red Carpet

It seems like the big trend is to wear a wedding dress, a boring strapless gown, or a totally nondescript dress that looks nothing like the brand who made it. I love…

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85th Academy Awards Red Carpet

I’m taking a short break (a few hours) from catwalk coverage to have a look at the red carpet from the Oscars last night. While I wasn’t really wow-ed by anyone, generally the dresses were more good than bad. I … Continue reading

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84th Annual Academy Awards

I actually watched the red carpet last night (for the first time, I usually just look at photos the next day) and I have to say it was incredibly boring. The commentators (some tacky Americans, a Brit, and Tim Gunn) … Continue reading

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Loathe: Madonna and Lourdes

Ok, I don’t loathe Madonna, not completely. She is a legend of my generation, and I will always count The Immaculate Collection as one of the best albums of all time, and one of the few albums I have memorized … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Your Necklace

When I first read the press release that came into my inbox about Kate Winslet’s Oscars jewels, I skimmed it and binned it. But there was something that stuck in my mind, so I dug it out of my email … Continue reading

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