Fall Winter Advertising Campaigns

I had a good, thorough flip though the September issue of US Vogue over the weekend, and I was surprised to see how boring the advertising campaigns were. Firstly, Louis Vuitton was noticeably absent, which was very strange. And the… Continue Reading

Fashion Headlines, April 2010

There’s been so many interesting fashion stories in the news recently that I haven’t had enough time to cover, so I am doing a very quick summary on some of my thoughts on recent headlines. The Death of Malcolm McLaren… Continue Reading

Fashion 101: Designers with Two Jobs

Robert Duffy, President of Marc Jacobs International, made a very interesting comment during a Business of Fashion interview a few months ago, which has stuck in my mind. He had been using Twitter for the two weeks leading up to… Continue Reading

Top Ten Collections of Fall Winter 2010

WWD posted an article today entitled the Top Ten Collections of Fall 2010. Normally I’d say its too early to do something like this (or too late.) Either you do it straight after the shows, or you wait and see… Continue Reading

Top Ten Collections of Spring Summer 2010?

I have been a bit slow to react on this, but my inbox is overflowing at the moment. WWD posted an article on Monday entitled Top Ten Collections of Spring 2010. You can read it for yourself, but here is… Continue Reading