Weekend Reading: Links à la Mode and Other Posts

My Fashion 101 Why Luxury is Expensive article on the making of the Hermès bag got chosen as an Independent Fashion Bloggers link of the week. I have posted the other selected posts below, as well as a few recent… Continue Reading

Fashion Moments: Acceptance to St Martins

This is my one year anniversary post! I thought I’d celebrate by sharing a story about one of the most exciting life changes I made, 11 years ago in Paris. I hated living in Paris. When I was there, in… Continue Reading

The F Word

I definitely think that North Americans are a little less generous than the British when it comes to using the F word. I agree its vulgar and rude, but at the same time, its effective and straight to the point.… Continue Reading

Bursts of Colour and Giant Diamonds

I’ve had some very good and some very bad shopping experiences this week in Vancouver. You can read about my bad ones here and here. But yesterday I had the pleasure of discovering some very cool retailers for a Vancouver… Continue Reading

Sarah Jessica Parker is not a Halstonette

Sometimes I read news about the fashion industry that truly send shivers down my spine… and today was another one of these moments. I thought of waiting until later to hear if these rumors were denied, but then I thought… Continue Reading

Luxury Books

The only personal collection that rivals my shoe collection is probably my books. I guess I spent most of my disposable income in the past 15 years on shoes, clothing, and books. Definitely not enough spent on traveling. (warning Blackberry… Continue Reading