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Ask Alexandra: Should I Finish my Degree?

Hi Alexandra, I am currently completing my BA in Fashion Styling at Instituto Marangoni in London. I really love the course and the opportunities that have come my way so far but I am also racking up a lot of … Continue reading

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Fall 2015 Campaigns Part 2

More fashion advertising. Some cool, some not. Read part 1. I love…

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Fall 2015 Campaigns Part 1

Browsing through these shoots made me realize that there were not many brands doing anything of interest. There were quite a lot of good looking campaigns, but conceptually they were not new or interesting. Only a handful got me excited. … Continue reading

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Get the Story Straight

There seems to be a new trend in the world of fashion start-ups. We aren’t seeing as many celebrity fashion companies or brand collaborations being launched (thank god!) but instead I’m seeing a lot of new companies who are selling … Continue reading

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Love: M Gemi

I’ve been feeling very disillusioned with the fashion industry lately. Actually, I’ve felt this way for a while, but right now the disillusionment is focused on retail. The downside to having a brand that is stocked with tons of great … Continue reading

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