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Love: Animal Trophy Heads

We are moving into a new place in a few weeks and I’ve been obsessing about décor. We haven’t brought much with us from Canada and I am trying to keep things fairly minimal, but I want a few statement … Continue reading

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Love: The Blaise Boot

I never thought I would ever post something nice about an Ugg boot but my life in the Swedish countryside has forced me to rethink my wardrobe. I’m in and around the house most of the day, and when I … Continue reading

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Love: Pitchouguina

I get so many lookbooks in my inbox and it’s rare that something catches my eye, but this brand did. Pitchouguina is a London-based brand designed by a Russian born, Polish designer (I think… the bio is a bit vague.) … Continue reading

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Love: Blake Hyland Accessories

When I first saw Australian-born, Vancouver-based Blake Hyland‘s jewelry, it was the teeth caught my attention. His jewelry is made from deer jaw, snake bone, and carp fish, mixed with sterling silver and distressed leather. Of course the prices reflect … Continue reading

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Love: Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 Accessories

I am salivating over this beautiful accessory collection, and since we are in the last few days of sale, maybe you can grab one of these goodies for cheap (ok, not cheap, but cheap by Lanvin standards.) It goes without … Continue reading

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