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Fall 2015 Campaigns Part 1

Browsing through these shoots made me realize that there were not many brands doing anything of interest. There were quite a lot of good looking campaigns, but conceptually they were not new or interesting. Only a handful got me excited. … Continue reading

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Loathe: Kate Moss and Rihanna Naked

I’m over Kate Moss. And I know I’ve said this before, but she really should retire for a few years, because if she did, her comeback would be PHENOMENAL. But instead she keeps modeling, and its getting a bit tiring. Her … Continue reading

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Pretty Pictures: Andrew Yee for Vogue China

Sometimes it is easy to forget that fashion editorials are actually supposed to be about THE CLOTHES. But this shoot is a great reminder of what a fantastic shoot is supposed to look like, because it is all about the … Continue reading

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