Pretty Pictures: Charlotte Carey in How to Spend It

How to Spend It is the Financial Times‘ style supplement. I haven’t picked up a copy in a while, but I recall the magazine being very up market, very chic, and very luxury. I guess it is exactly what you’d… Continue Reading

Fashion 101: Shoes on the Catwalk

I’ve been posting close-up pictures of shoe from the catwalks (see my faves from New York, London, and Milan) and I’ve had a lot of people say that the models shoes don’t fit, their toes are going over the edge,… Continue Reading

Fall Winter Advertising Campaigns

I had a good, thorough flip though the September issue of US Vogue over the weekend, and I was surprised to see how boring the advertising campaigns were. Firstly, Louis Vuitton was noticeably absent, which was very strange. And the… Continue Reading

Fashion 101: Copyright Laws in Fashion

I watched this very interesting TED talk last week, it is Johanna Blakley talking about “copyright law’s grip on film, music and software barely touches the fashion industry … and (how) fashion benefits in both innovation and sales.” The video… Continue Reading

Generation Y: Expensive Cars and Old Hotels

The term Generation Y scares me, not because it is the term that is used to describe my generation (I am on the cusp, but still considered Generation Y) but because people born in the 90’s are also considered Generation… Continue Reading