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Loathe: Poshitis

For once, I am writing about Victoria Beckham and the theme isn’t “YOU SUCK!” I am writing about Poshitis, a term coined by a London paper which describes the physical problems associated by carrying a heavy bag on the crutch … Continue reading

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2013 September Issue Covers Part 2

Here is part 2 of my loves and loathes of the 2013 September issue covers. Read Part 1. I love…

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Fashion Quote: Victoria Beckham and Designing

I’ve yet to find one single aspect of Victoria Beckham that I can remotely respect or appreciate, and this interview with her is no exception. Here she is, talking to T Magazine, about why she designs. “I just wanted to create … Continue reading

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Fashion Chat: Roland Mouret

As with most interviews, I had no idea what to expect with Roland Mouret. I went into the interview of course wanting to ask him about Victoria Beckham and how she built her entire fashion “empire” based on a copy … Continue reading

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Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2013

Remember when Victoria Beckham only did the same tight dress? Then she added coats, and it was a BIG deal. And then she experimented with trousers (wow!) And when she wanted to do an oversized silhouette, she created a new … Continue reading

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