5 Most Fashion-Inspiring Films

Let’s start by saying this list has not been researched based on any opinions, reviews, or “official” facts, it is simply based on what I like. So I am sure many of you will disagree with some, or most of… Continue Reading

Pretty Pictures: Illustrations Part 2

More beautiful illustrations… I love the realism of Carmen Garcia Huerta‘s illustrations. Kathryn MacNaughton‘s collage illustrations are delicate but with attitude. Abbey Watkins illustrates under the name of Tobacco & Leather, and she works from photographs. Cecilia Carlstedt‘s illustrations would… Continue Reading

Pretty Pictures: Illustrations Part 1

I went to an illustration exhibit two weeks ago, and it made me realize that I haven’t covered enough illustration in this blog. So I’ve put together a three part post with the work of some fantastic illustrators. While doing… Continue Reading