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Fashion Quote: Carine Roitfeld on the Wetsuit

It’s quotes like this that make me wonder what outsiders think of the fashion industry. Here’s what Carine Roitfeld, Editor of Vogue Paris, has to say about wetsuits: “I think wet suits are the new silhouette. They are the new outfit. … Continue reading

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Fashion Quote: Vivienne Westwood on Making Less Clothes

I’ve got a personal loathing for Vivienne Westwood because of an absolutely terrible customer service incident many years ago – and it doesn’t help that I think that everything she makes, aside from her jewelry, is kind of ugly. But … Continue reading

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Fashion Quote: Anna Wintour on Resort

I loathe when I’m wrong, but I feel that all my whining about Resort and Pre Fall Collections may have been slightly unreasonable. I came to realize this when my company, The Sleep Shirt, started getting our Resort 2015 orders … Continue reading

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Fashion Quote: Mankles from J Crew

I appreciate J Crew’s aesthetic but it’s not a brand for me: their main silhouette is too fitted and preppy for me, and I think they are too expensive. Apparently, I’m not alone in this thinking because the brand is … Continue reading

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Fashion Quote: Vogue Magazine on Rihanna

I just tried to avoid the whole CFDA awards after the “Instagrammer of the Year” announcement, but I just saw this article written by Vogue about Rihanna, and this quote really stood out. “Through her individualistic, audacious, and occasionally brazen … Continue reading

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