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Press Release of the Month: The Fashion Doctor

Subject Line: The Fashion Doctor is In The House. (First thoughts – this is a release for some sort of wardrobe consultant or stylist.) Simple trick to look like a big bucks fashionista without breaking the bank. (I’ve received two … Continue reading

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Fashion Quote: Vogue Magazine on Rihanna

I just tried to avoid the whole CFDA awards after the “Instagrammer of the Year” announcement, but I just saw this article written by Vogue about Rihanna, and this quote really stood out. “Through her individualistic, audacious, and occasionally brazen … Continue reading

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Pretty Pictures: Harper’s Bazaar Covers by Liz Tiberis

I used to keep my magazines after reading them, but over the years I had virtually never referred back to my vast collection of glossies. In my journey towards minimalism, I realized that there was no point keeping a bookshelf of magazines, and so … Continue reading

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Loathe: Instagrammer of the Year Award

Please god don’t let this be true. The CFDA will hand out a “Fashion Instagrammer of the Year Award”. The CFDA!!! This isn’t some silly web agency’s award, this is a supposedly reputable fashion organization and they are awarding someone … Continue reading

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Links A La Mode

My Saint Laurent vs Topshop blog post from Wednesday got selected for the Independent Fashion Blogger’s Links a la Mode list. Here’s are the other selections, and I’m giving a double thumbs up to Barely Practical’s Save our Shoes: Water … Continue reading

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