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Loathe: Instagrammer of the Year Award

Please god don’t let this be true. The CFDA will hand out a “Fashion Instagrammer of the Year Award”. The CFDA!!! This isn’t some silly web agency’s award, this is a supposedly reputable fashion organization and they are awarding someone … Continue reading

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Loathe: Overdoing Resort

  My longtime readers will know that I don’t cover Resort shows because I can’t handle doing catwalk coverage more than four times a year. However, it is impossible to avoid reading about them, as it seems like they have … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Bathroom?

There is a statistic that’s been weighing heavily on my mind for the past few weeks so I thought I should write something about it. The quote came from GOOP (yes, I read GOOP – Gwyneth Paltrow is kind of … Continue reading

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Searching for Style’s Most Popular Blog Posts

Welcome to Searching for Style! Whether you are a newcomer wanting to figure out what I am about, or a regular reader looking for some of the best pieces from my archive, I’ve compiled a list of the blog posts … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Jil Sander’s Departure

While I was not expecting the news that Jil Sander was leaving her own label for the third time, it certainly hasn’t surprised me. She doesn’t exactly have a very good track record for staying at a job for long, … Continue reading

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