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5 Observations of the Fur Industry

If you read the blog on Friday or you follow me on social media, then you may know that I was in Milan two weeks ago for the Mifur tradeshow. I love being involved in the fur industry and this … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why I am Moving to Sweden

My move back to Europe is approaching and I thought I’d share with you the reasons why we are leaving Canada. 1. Wearing leggings as pants is illegal in Sweden. JUST KIDDING. I wish. 1. The social benefits. Most people … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Facts About Danish Fur Farms

It’s FUR WEEK! Actually, nearly every week is fur week in my world, except maybe the weeks between May and August. But over the summer I took a day trip to Copenhagen and visited the Kopenhagen Furs Auction House, a … Continue reading

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Love: Vancouver’s Fashion’s Night Out

This will be a rare blog post that is pretty much target only my Vancouver readers (sorry to all the rest of you!) but I felt that it merited a feature because this Fashion’s Night Out is particularly important to … Continue reading

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Loathe: Sad Fashion Week Diets

In addition to the overload of fashion shows and boring street style pictures, fashion week is also the time to inundate us with the diets/regimes/outfits/handbag contents of “fashion people.” Yes, I am sort of interested in how models prepare for … Continue reading

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